Webinar: How to Measure Immune Cell Killing of Tumor Cells Effectively


The number of treatments in the immuno-oncology pipeline continues to grow. Whether the treatment is CAR-T cells, checkpoint inhibitors, or adoptive T cell therapy, the mechanism of action includes T cell lysis of tumor cells.

Dr. Anne Lodge of Cellero, a Charles River company, will present data using tumor antigen-specific T cells from Cellero and commonly available tumor cell lines to demonstrate specific lysis of tumor cells using the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis; which offers remote monitoring of tumor cell lysis using fluorescent labels of cytotoxicity.

This webinar includes discussion on:

  • The specific lysis of tumor cells
  • Comparison of Annexin V and Caspase 3/7 for readout and analysis options
  • The use of adherent vs suspension cells as targets
  • The importance of plating density of target cells

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